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A Rich Heritage of Useful Technology & Innovation
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Design & Development Program Flow Chart

SPS Techno Circuits llp, has a long tradition of innovation.

The company is equipped with a highly efficient research and development setup, having powerful calculating and modelling resources at its disposal. Research is also carried out in close collaboration with customers.

Experience leads to anticipation of market requirements and the research to meet these requirements.

Today, 50% of the products made by the company did not exist 5 years ago or re-designed to increase reliability and performance.

The main areas of research are:
  • in-depth knowledge of physical phenomena and formation of related laws.
  • study of electronic circuit behaviour using calculation and simulation software.
  • evaluation of the characteristics of raw materials used.
  • optimum tailoring of components to increase efficiency and performance of systems, from the most basic to the highly complex.
  • finally, testing of Prototype products.

SPS TECHNO CIRCUITS LLP thus plays a leading role as the reference company in the fields of innovation, developments to the range and research in new Products, raw materials and new operating methods.

Silicon Power Systems design & Development Chart

Product Range & Applications

  • AVR for standard applications.
  • AVR for mobile tower applications.
  • AVR for non linear load applications.
  • PWM type frequency independent AVR.
  • AVR for Brushless & slip ring type alternators.
  • AVR for 400 Hz alternato.r
  • AVR for High field current up to 200 A.
  • AVR for marine application alternators.
  • Dual channel AVR.
  • Universal type AVR for multiple voltages and frequency.
  • Digital microprocessor controlled AVR.(new)